Social Media & Communications Intern

Reports to: Director of Juniper Refuge

Work Hours: 10 hours/week minimum

Anticipated Schedule: team meetings every Tuesday, 7-8:30p; scheduled routine check-in’s; programmatic commitment one hour per week; all other hours are flexible remote hours

Job Purpose & Goals:
We are looking for someone who is excited to share things that are happening and connecting seekers, volunteers, and donors with our ministry and refugee participants. Social media and newsletters are not about making us look good, but helping people live purposefully among refugees. This person will share helpful resources, new and upcoming opportunities, and what the Bible says about refugees both in social media and through our newsletters. They should be an effective and eloquent writer, quick to respond to questions, regularly engaged with our social pages, and creative. This person should be wise regarding the sensitivity around immigration, first offering a position of grace and love. Since we are a grassroots, team-centric, non-profit organization, it is vital that we have team members with initiative, creativity, and the desire to collaborate on work projects. We also desire someone with flexibility, since often times our programs and activities need to be adjusted and molded to specific needs that arise.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manages social media pages on Instagram and Facebook, Facebook page admin, including increasing visibility, sharing, etc. 
  • Researches local events, holidays of different local refugee populations, and other pertinent information
  • Provides relevant, and quality photography for programs, or creates the graphics on Canva
  • Writes monthly Juniper Refuge newsletters including stories, photos, and ministry information 
  • Attends weekly team meetings and social media touch points, working with JR staff and other interns collaboratively
  • Works to support a refugee individual or ministry program weekly


  • Willing to work/train in Facebook Business, Trello, Canva, Mailchimp and Slack
  • Writes creatively and efficiently, with gentleness and fun! 
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Juniper Refuge team members with regular communication and collaboration 
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships in the refugee community

Experience (preferred but not required):

  • Sharing information through concise write-ups, stories, or posts on subjects pertaining to opportunities to serve, education, mental health, current events, global affairs, immigration, or vulnerable populations.


  • Christ Centered: One who builds your life and ministry around Jesus, with an open heart allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and inspire. 
  • Team Oriented: loves being part of a team, able to work across teams and to partner with other ministries, using the skills and gifts of others to create a better final product.
  • Trustworthy: honest and considers confidentiality a priority 
  • Support Juniper Refuge’s mission statement, vision, core values, and policies.

At Juniper Refuge, we fully expect each team member to be actively engaged in following Jesus. As Jesus’ love overflows in our lives, it motivates us to be open, transparent, and engaged in our relationships. We value trust and vulnerability, and share joys and difficulties together. In working at Juniper Refuge, every team member must be aware of and embrace the responsibility to represent the organization’s beliefs and mission in their own life, both personally and professionally.